Company Profile

Greentech is conducting business in the field of manufacturing, processing, selling heating products and energy saving solutions.

We are excluse distributors of several brands regarding heating, hydraulics and "smart" controllers.

Our company manufactures a variety of hot steel boilers for domestic and industrial applications. Our range includes boilers which can be fueled with gas, oil, wood, biomass, steam, woodchips and more.

The quality of our products is assured by Greentech by Thermostahl group. Any move, design, manufacturing process in Greentech company is based on creating products which can cover the needs of costumers for a practical, quality oriented and modern designed product.

Company Profile

Our company is the official distributor of the company SISTEME THERMICE SRL Thermostahl RO in Greece.

Greentech has owned building in Thessaloniki, Greece as well as metal processing equipment

We offer innovative heating and energy saving solutions for industrial and domestic applications

We focuse on the cpntinuously development of new technologies, modern design, and quality oriented production processes.

Our products are exported in all North West European countries, in the Balcan and Baltic countries, Poland Ukraine, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Besides manufacturing Greentech is also a commercial company which imports and sells products for heating, hydraulics, domestic hot water and energy saving solutions for any application